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William Pledger's Wildlife
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Possum Relocation





As we continue to take away natural habitat for our own needs more and more wildlife is looking for somewhere new to live. Unfortunately possums adopt the space in house roofs for daytime shelter since there are few tree hollows remaining.

We conduct a brief site assessment to ascertain possible entry points. During the day the entry hole/holes are be repaired to prevent re-entry to the roof. This repair is done before we commence the trapping procedure to catch the possum in the roof,  and to ensure we have success catching the possum.

A 3 - 5 day trapping program is conducted which includes setting of a humane trap and checking it on a daily basis to catch the possum causing problems. Once the possum is caught the trap is reset to catch any further possums that may be still in the roof. Once we have caught all the
offending possums, we hold them until nightfall before we release them.  Where needed a possum box is supplied. The possum box is installed in a near by tree and the possum is released into it. This gives the possum a place to hide for the day and a place to go when released. EHP regulations state that possums are relocated no more than 25 meters away from point of capture. Because of this requirement it is important to ensure all entry points are repaired to prevent the possum from re-entering the roof. 

I offer the following services:

* Possum trapping & relocation

* Deterrent advice 

* Roof inspections

* Cavity and small place inspections

* Roof repairs (possum entry point only)


You must be licensed with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) to catch and remove native wildlife.

William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service operates under the following permits;
EHP Damage Mitigation Permit number: WIMP17707516
EHP Rehabilitation Permit number: WIRP17601916
& EHP Rehabilitation / spotter catcher Permit number: WIRP18175017


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