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Pest Animals





Queensland's former bio-security legislation consisted of many different acts. Because of this it was not flexible enough to meet the challenges of today's bio-security environment. The new Act is aimed to improve Queensland's bio-security preparedness and response capabilities.

The Act deals with pests such as wild dogs, ferrel cats and introduced wildlife species. All Queenslanders need to take an active role in managing bio-security risks under their control.

This general bio-security obligation means land owners must take reasonable steps to ensure they do not spread a pest, disease or contaminant. A list of restricted pest animals and their categories can be found on the;

Restricted invasive animals of Queensland pdf

If required, specific action could be taken to ensure an individual, business or other organisation improves how they manage bio-security risks. An officer could issue a bio-security order requiring specific action to be taken within a reasonable time frame. Not complying with the general bio-security obligation is an offence and bio-security Queensland may consider prosecution, depending on the offence. Under the new bio-security act, pest animals are to be controlled. 

This means they are to be humanely euthanaised. Under subdivision 1, section 15, William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service is permitted to humanely trap pest animals and transport them to a veterinarian for the purpose of euthanaising and disposal.

Unfortunately introduced wildlife is having a detrimental effect on our native wildlife populations. It is important to do everything we can to preserve our native wildlife and vegetation and it is for this reason only that this service is offered. I offer the following services:

* Humane trapping & removal

 * Humane euthanasia
(conducted offsite by a veterinarian)


You must be licensed with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) to catch and remove native wildlife.

William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service operates under the following permits;
EHP Damage Mitigation Permit number: WIMP17707516
EHP Rehabilitation Permit number: WIRP17601916
& EHP Rehabilitation / spotter catcher Permit number: WIRP18175017


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