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William Pledger's Wildlife
Management Service

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Spotter Catcher


Land Clearing

Bridge Reconstruction

Wildlife Exclusion

Drain Clearing

Large Scope Clearing


It is the objective of a spotter catcher to humanely capture and relocate wildlife found on construction sites to a safe location; that provides all the current needs of the habitat that they are being removed from. They are also the first on the scene for any injured wildlife and provide first aid until they can get the animal to a wildlife carer or veterinarian.  Although surveys are carried out before construction begins; wildlife are constantly on the move and an area that was bare of wildlife today could have substantial wildlife tomorrow.

Although spotter catchers do not need a degree in Ecology or a bachelors of science; they do need to be
able to understand to understand the contents of an Ecological survey and the directions contained in a Species Management Plan in order to carry out their job efficiently.

Not all jobs require an Ecological survey and Species Management Plan. The spotter catcher can conduct his own site inspection to determined what wildlife is present and the steps to be taken to ensure its safety. Spotter catchers are responsible for the complete wellbeing of all wildlife found on a construction site and have the relevant skills to care for any wildlife situation that may occur. 

Our spotter catchers are experienced wildlife handlers and vaccinated against Australian Bat Lyssa virus as well as up to date with the Tetanus vaccination.

They have successfully completed their Occupational Health and Safety Induction training for the Construction Industry (more commonly know as the White Card), completed a EHP recognised venomous snake handling course and hold a certificate in Senior First Aid. It is important to remember that spotter catchers are there to ensure wildlife safety while minimising down time.

I offer the following services:

* Wildlife spotter and catching

* Site inspections + reports

* Humane capture and 
relocation of wildlife from site

* Wildlife habitat identification

* Wildlife Exclusion fencing


You must be licensed with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) to catch and remove native wildlife.

William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service operates under the following permits;
EHP Damage Mitigation Permit number: WIMP17707516
EHP Rehabilitation Permit number: WIRP17601916
& EHP Rehabilitation / spotter catcher Permit number: WIRP18175017


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