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Toowoomba Snake Catchers 24/7

William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service

We accept:

  0414 075 314

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24/7 Toowoomba Snake Catcher 0419 705 052

Please note: This is not a free service, call out fee of $80.00 applies.

Most snakes are just passing through your property on their way to food or water; some snakes may use an area to hide, but in most cases snakes will not live near your house permanently. 


If you have a snake around your home or car please DO NOT try to remove it yourself. When trying to catch a reptile from around the yard there is never any guarantee of success due to the speed and agility of  these animals.

For this reason the fees charged are based on being called out to try and catch (not catching) the snake.  

While waiting for a snake catcher to arrive it is important to keep an eye on the last area you saw the snake, this helps us locate it when we arrive.

If the snake is in a room or cupboard please close the door and put a towel under it to block any gaps that may be along the bottom of the door.

Feel free to download my living with reptiles paper for some basic ideas on what you can do to make your home snake wise, what to do when confronted with a snake and snakebite first aid.  

Living with reptiles (pdf).  

My aim is to help preserve the reptile species through education and understanding.

I offer the following services:

* Snake handling & relocation

* Roof inspections

* Vehicle inspections

* Cavity and small place inspections

* Snake Identification



You must be licensed with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) to catch and remove native wildlife.

William Pledger's Wildlife Management Service operates under the following permit;
EHP Damage Mitigation Permit number: WIMP17707516


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